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Friday, January 28, 2011

OBIEE Installation on Ubuntu

Hi Folks,

here goes installation guidelines of OBIEE on Ubuntu

Here we can see the successful installation screens:

And then on with the show.

First I tried starting the nqsserver. After a few failed tries, I narrowed the solution down to these steps

oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun
oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ export SAROOTDIR=/home/oracle/product/obiee10.
oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SAROOTDIR/server/Bin
oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ export SADATADIR=/home/oracle/product/obiee10.
oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ export SATEMPDIR=/home/oracle/product/obiee10.
oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ Bin/nqsserver
Oracle BI Server starting...
rm: cannot remove `/home/oracle/product/obiee10.*.TMP': No such file or directory
nqsserver: Oracle BI Server started. Version:

Later on I found the actual startup scripts, located in the $SAROOTDIR/setup/ directory, called Keep in mind that I have never ever installed the OBIEE on Linux before.

Moving on … And then the oc4j container. Here I did have some more problems, since the container simply refused to start, stating that the
oc4jadmin wasn’t configured properly.

oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ ./oc4j -start
Starting OC4J from /home/oracle/product/obiee10. ...
07/05/05 14:15:15 Error initializing server: OC4J administrator account is not configured correctly. Please make sure that at least one administration account is created and configured correctly.
07/05/05 14:15:15 Fatal error: server exiting

I found a thread at the Oracle Forums that helped here. I had to add my hostname with IP to the /etc/hosts file. Probably due to the fact that my home network isn’t properly configured for the nslookup and the dhcp

oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ ./oc4j -start
Starting OC4J from /home/oracle/product/obiee10. ...
07/05/05 15:00:15 Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g ( initialized

Now that I am satisfied that the server as well as the oc4j components are well installed, I restart the installer

oracle@borg:~/RH_Linux/Server/Oracle_Business_Intelligence$ ./

and this time I choose the Presentation Services option .

After the installation, you must start the BI server as well as the SAW server (Presentation Server):

oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ ./ start
Oracle BI Server startup initiated.
Please wait for a while for the Oracle BI Server to completely start.
Execute the following command to check the Oracle BI Server logfile and see if it started.
tail -f /home/oracle/product/obiee10.
oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ tail -3 /home/oracle/product/obiee10.
[58002] Query Cache loaded with 0 entries from saved cache files.
2007-05-05 15:38:45
[43030] : Oracle BI Server started. Version:
oracle@borg:~/product/obiee10.$ ./ start
Oracle BI Java Host startup initiated.
Please check '/home/oracle/product/obiee10.' for Oracle BI Java Host startup details.
Please go to the '/home/oracle/product/obiee10.' directory for Oracle BI Java Host log files after starting up.
Oracle BI Presentation Services startup initiated.
Please go to the '/home/oracle/product/obiee10.' directory for Oracle BI Presentation Services log files.

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